Nayue Kosmetik Indonesia is a representative branch located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Along with the Great Wall’s best manufacturing company, Shanghai Ayara Cosmetics Ltd., we are an internationally trusted company and endeavor to provide the best service and produce high quality products.

We provide full assistance regarding every detail of the process in order for you to get your finished products. From the production and manufacturing process to the legal registration and health assessment – we have got you covered. We have yet to expand this service in other regions, but for now it is only available in China and Indonesia.

CIF Contract Purchasing

FOB Contract Purchasing

With this contract, we will aid you in curating the best quality of samples, material, and filling. Once the production of finished goods is done, packed, and ready to go, we will send it your way for the delivery process. This agreement is best suited for international clients.

We are able to provide various options of design for cosmetics packaging and deliver them to your storage warehouse or a filling factory of your choice. This limited service allows you to select from our wide inner and outer packaging range, or make your own unique mould according to your desires.

Cosmetics Packaging Purchasing

Research and Development

In pursuit of providing the best and newest products, our company’s research and development is always up and running. Our company cares about the importance of creativity, and we strive to innovate new products and make advancements from existing ones.

Our services don’t just stop after the development and the production of goods — we will send them to you in prime condition. With years of experience in the intricate and complex fashion of transporting goods internationally, we are confident in our ability to get your products through the legal assessment, certification, and on to your hands.

Logistics and Legalization