Where does PT. Nayue Cosmetic located?

The Suites Tower, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara


Where is Nayue Cosmetic factory located?

We have 2 factories. One is located in Indonesia and one more in Shanghai.


What is Nayue Cosmetic Indonesia?

Nayue Cosmetic Indonesia is an OEM/ODM Company based in Indonesia.

Nayue Cosmetic is a sister company of Shanghai Ayara.

We also provide research and development services, custom formulation, manufacturing, and packaging.


What formula do we use?

We never compromise quality, We always use a high-quality formula.

All of our formulas are imported from Japan, USA and Germany


Does Nayue Cosmetic is legally certified?

Yes, we have a certificate for HAS, ISO, GMP


What services does Nayue Cosmetics offer?

We provide full assistance regarding every detail of the process in order for you to get your finished products. From the production and manufacturing process to the legal registration and health assessment – we have got you covered.


How long does it take to develop a product until client received the goods?

Usually it takes 4 months if client develops a product from scratch.

But we can help to speed up the process.

For the production itself, usually it takes 50-60 working days after sample is approved


How long is the sampling process?

Usually it takes 2 to 3 weeks.


Does Nayue accept only filling process?

Unfortunately, for now we haven’t accept filling process only.


Can we buy packaging from Nayue?

Yes, you can buy packaging only from us.

We will help you to look for the packaging desired


Do we get a sample from the product we develop?

Yes, client will receive samples from the sampling process


What is the MOQ (minimum quantity) of the order?

Our MOQ is depending on what products that client wants to develop.

Our marketing representatives will assist you regrading this 🙂


How do we choose a formula or color that we want?

Usually at our showroom we have formula and colors bank that client can choose.

Or client can lend us their benchmark for the sampling process.


How much do we need to pay for the sampling process?

For formula sampling is totally free.

However for packaging and outer box samplings are also free, but if customer request major changes for the design we will charge a fee. 


 How is the term of payment?

The payment of terms are 30% down payment after PO and 70% when the goods are ready to be sent to customer’s place.


How many types of delivery we offer?

We are offering 2 types of delivery which are warehouse (send to customer’s door) and FOB (we produced and customer arrange the good themselves from our factory).

For local customer we usually do warehouse shipment, however for international client we offer FOB.


How if there were damaged goods?

You may directly contact our sales representative and we will provide the solution case by case depend on the problem.