About Us

Established in 2016, PT. Nayue Kosmetik Indonesia is an OEM company that focuses on producing high-end quality cosmetic products by sourcing raw materials from Japan, Germany, and USA. We also provide research and development services, custom formulation, manufacturing, and packaging.

We value the quality of every product. Every new formula goes through 4 different assessments such as the safety, functionality, stability, and microbiological assessments to ensure that every product is safe to use and meets the requirements of a high quality product.

Together with Shanghai Ayara Cosmetics Ltd., one of the best and the most trusted manufacturing companies in China, PT. Nayue Kosmetik Indonesia offers services in the cosmetics industry such as developing and manufacturing, as well as producing innovative products that caters to the local and international cosmetic brands alike.


Our vision is to become the world’s number-one destination for OEM Cosmetics.

We build the best product and the best people.


To build the best product and creating innovative products

Be an OEM company with the best services that always satisfy client’s inquiry

Our Certifications